Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just a thought

Flipping through these blank empathy pages
All I'm seeing is these empty lines and spaces
There is so much to offer
With just this one page

The possibilities are endless
For those only blessed with the gift

The writer can put their thoughts down
Making you think of a story
They leave it all on there
In these so called, "Lines and Spaces"

The Artist puts visuals on paper
Making one visualize a possible story
All thats needed is a piece of paper

The musician puts notes on the paper
Maybe making a masterpiece or a symphony 
With the ability to hear
You can write or draw a possible story

On the same paper

A Writer can write
A Artist can draw
A Musician can make

Its up to you 

Use the gift that is given to you
Everyone has it

It the lost "C" word


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10 minutes

I figured our fate
With the use of one thing
Glad I said it
Before it was too late
Before we started something

Knowing the thought
Is what it is
Just wish it was being fought 
And overwon by someone

Hard decisions stink
But for the idea of something
Is sort of a risk
But why not take it

Through time
The answer will never change
Just maybe the thought of me
Would change your mind

Still that one thought rules one thing out
Of course its
The one thing that was waiting to see
What could happen

Thursday, August 2, 2012


French Horn
Is like a newborn
If you don't know how to nurture and care for it
Then it's not going to sound well

Is like an annoying, but beautiful sibling
Or a love hate relationship
Good sometimes and bad others

Is like the slide you never wanted to stop using
It's all fun and games still someone gets hurt

Is like a big brother/sister
It helps you keep going and knowing where you are at
But at times has cool things it has to do

Is like a hopeless romantic
It hooks them in, but after awhile
You got to get new material, or a new instrument

Is a rock
They keep everyone on beat
So don't mess up

Thursday morning

If I had three wishes
I would use them for evil
One wish would to hurt everyone but me
By raising taxes and everyone but me
Second wish is more painful
I want enslave the human race to do on my doings
The final is obvious
I want three more wishes

Let's try a new perspective
I will use them for personal gain
First will be for wealth and the best health
Second would be to be the best at Music
Be on the top of the charts all-time
Everyone would love my music
Same as last 
I need three more wishes

Final thought 
After thinking this all through
Why not use them for worldly things 
First wish is not for world peace
Or any of the three will
As I was saying
Would wish that everyone accepted everyone for who they are
They don't have to like them
Just no racism or discrimination 
Second wish would care for the earth 
Make more people be productive in being green 

The final wish is up to you
Use it on anything you want
Not garunteed it will come true like that

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Night

Running through the storm
Running hand in hand
With the man I never got the chance
To ever get to know

I think about it
Through the night and into the next day

What was it I did
Why me, Why did I do what I did
WIth the words that I said
With being the person who i was today

Was it me who truely made him
Just get up and leave

The say it's all plain and simple
Just be yourself and you'll be set free

With that tiny info
I made up my mind

it was not me
not at all
not what i did
not what i said
and not who i am

I am still here to say
I am glad I am here to stay
With myself and my true right hand man

It was you who accepted me
You showed me the right way
To find peace with myself
and not have to find it in man

All I need is
You to be there by my side
Through the storm
Then i'll know we can do anything

Monday, May 14, 2012

I just don't know right now

On a nice and warm sunny day
All the attention I have to pay
Is to you

As I take one glance from afar
I come back around
Just for a second
To make one more glance to you

Ever since I set eyes on you
I've been dreaming of the days

Days that we are just ourselves
Days where we learn
Days where we dont both have a concern
Days where we can be in each others arms
Days where we can finally say, "I have found the one"

Those days are yet to come
So I just have to wait till the time comes

Til then I will still be glancing
At the one
I know who is suppose to be
For me
The one

Saturday, May 5, 2012


So many sleepless nights
Of just not going to bed on cue

Thoughts running and not stopping 
Just can't get a calm mind

I want the hours of zzz's i need
But this brain is just too stuck up

It's a huge draw back
The sleep that is
But i know eventually 
I'm gonna make a full pledged comeback
And become the best person I can be

It's all good because of one thing still stands
That is that I'm still very creative